6 Essential Questions to Ask a Face Painter

Over the last couple of years, face painting at children parties in Toronto has become a common trend. Gone are the times of check-designs created using a cheap store craft paint. Nowadays, artists use cosmetic-grade paints and other related materials. They also create excellent designs that go viral, and that can keep all the little angels attending your child’s birthday party excited.

However, not all artists are created the same, and the quality of artwork depends on the experience and dedication of the face painter. When hiring an artist for your child’s event, there are essential questions you should ask to determine the experience and reliability of the face painter.


1. What type of paint do you use?

This is a ‘trick question’ and should help you know the nature and standard of the paint the painter uses. Make sure that your prospects use a cosmetic-grade paint that has been approved by the relevant authorities. The paint should be hypoallergenic and safe for children. Avoid artists who use acrylic paint, craft paint, and other weird products that are not specially designed for a child’s skin.


2. What’s your level of sanitation?

In most cases, the sanitation of face paint is unregulated, and that’s quite scary. Fortunately, the highest standards set in Canada (Alberta) require face painters to sanitize their paint brushes between dips and use a new sponge for each kid. If you realize your prospect doesn’t use a makeup sanitizer or uses a single sponge for multiple kids, it’s time to get a more reliable face painter.


3. Are you insured?

Accidents happen everywhere, and your child’s event venue isn’t an exception. A professional face painter must be insured against different accidents. Whether you are holding a small birthday party at your home or you have organized a large children event in Toronto, consider working with an insured artist.


4. Do you perform background checks?

If you have opted to hire an artist from an agency, find out if the company performs background checks on their candidates. Most agencies don’t. The last thing you want is to invite a wanted criminal to your child’s event.


5. Can I see reviews from your previous clients?

One of the most effective ways of getting to know a company’s reputation is by checking the reviews written by their previous customers. Find out what these customers liked or disliked about the service offered. If you encounter an artist or agency that doesn’t want to share their customer reviews, think twice before hiring them.


6. How should the children take the face paint off after the party?

The paint used should be easier to remove. After all, different paint brands are removed differently, and some are easier to wash off than others. A professional face painter should walk you through the paint removal and clean-up procedure.

Hiring the right face painter for your children party can mean the difference between a great party and a boring or messy one. By asking the questions discussed here, you can easily identify a great artist for your child’s next event.

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