6 Essential Questions to Ask a Face Painter

Over the last couple of years, face painting at children parties in Toronto has become a common trend. Gone are the times of check-designs created using a cheap store craft paint. Nowadays, artists use cosmetic-grade paints and other related materials. They also create excellent designs that go viral, and that…

Choosing the Right Face Painter for your Kids’ Party

Have you been thinking of ways to make your child’s event more exciting? Consider hiring one or more face painters. Face painting offers a new dimension to children’s parties and allows you to create a unique party your little angels and their friends won’t forget easily. Face painters are basically…

Face Painting Makes Children Events Special

If you thought face painting is just a waste of time and other resources, you are wrong. To children, it is a chance to become their favourite character: a princess, animal, or even Superman. Face painting offers them an opportunity to express themselves, showcase their creativity openly, and role-play their…

The Importance of Face Painting Hygiene

Over the recent years, the art of face painting has shifted from being just a fun, informal activity for kids’ parties and events into a highly formalized art style with specialized paints, techniques, brushes, and other relevant pieces of equipment. Both amateur and professional face painters understand the importance of…

Top 8 Creative Face Painting for Kids during Parties

In Toronto, face painting has always been a major hit with children. Having their faces painted cartoon characters or superheroes is not something they want to miss. However, the thought of coming up with creative face painting ideas for these little ones probably makes you sweat. You don’t need to…

With winter around the corner what are some great kids party ideas for this time of year?

Planning a winter party can be so much stress. But it doesn’t have to be. While kids’ birthdays during this time of the year may not come with multiple outdoor activities to choose from such as the playgrounds, parks and pools, there are still some creative ways to plan a…

Why Choose Right Choice Children’s Entertainment?

Planning a child’s party can be so stressful. You have to decide on the child’s costume then the right theme and send out invitations right on time. Then comes the headache of choosing the right venue and making sure the food is just perfect for the little ones. If you’re…

The Benefits of Hiring Kids Entertainment for Your Kids Party

Are you planning to hold your kid’s birthday party? Coming up with some fun-filled games and activities that will keep the kids entertained is key to throwing a memorable party. No child enjoys standing around or chatting with a friend or family member for hours in a party. If you…
Checklist of Things to Include in Your Child's Party

Checklist of Things to Include in Your Child’s Party

If there’s one thing that most kids look forward to, it’s throwing a cool birthday party where they get to invite all their friends. Parents on the other hand usually have the toughest job when it comes to planning and budgeting for their child’s party. One thing you have to…

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