Top 8 Creative Face Painting for Kids during Parties

In Toronto, face painting has always been a major hit with children. Having their faces painted cartoon characters or superheroes is not something they want to miss. However, the thought of coming up with creative face painting ideas for these little ones probably makes you sweat. You don’t need to become a Picasso to transform the kids’ faces into clowns, superheroes or princesses. A professional face painter can offer this form of entertainment as you focus on other important aspects of your kids’ event.

Some of the most creative options when it comes to painting kids’ faces include:


1. Butterfly face painting

This is a popular face-transforming idea for any event. The artist can customize the child’s face by using his or her preferred colours. The style is pretty simple; the artist needs a sponge on the butterfly’s coloured wings roughly, then create great butterfly design.


2. Spiderman face painting

Allow your little heroes to make a significant impact during the party with an easy spiderman design. Most boys love this ‘superhero’ seen in most popular movies.


3. Tiger face painting

Tiger is one of the most popular face painting options for kids at parties, fairs, and other related events. There are different tiger face painting options the kids can choose from depending on their favourite colours.


4. Snowflakes and frozen face painting

If some of the kids who want their faces painted are less than seven years old, remind your preferred face painter to stock a lot of white and blue face paint, along with a lot of glitters. Most kids love these colours and giving them exactly what they need will make them happy.


5. Camo soldier

This painting option offers the artist an opportunity to transform ‘recruits’ into great ‘combat soldiers’. Hire a professional who can create excellent ‘camo soldier’ face designs during the children’s event for entertainment.


6. Flowers

It’s a simple yet stunning face transformation option for your little princesses. After all, girls love flowers, and the chances are that they want to see them painted on their faces. Different girls are likely to request varying flower paint options, and your face painter should be ready to meet these requirements.

  1. The frog prince (and princess)

With black, white, yellow and green the artist can easily paint the prince’s face on the little boys. They’ll need a pink for the princess face on the little girls.


8. Pirates Ahoy

Argh me hearties, it’s time to unleash a great face painting treasure chest with an outstanding pirate design. Even if the kids don’t have a bandana, they can have it painted. The entire party will be a pirate’s great life for most of the kids attending the party.

Regardless of the face painting design your kids want, getting an experienced face painter can mean the difference between a great party for your kids and a boring one.

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