10 Tips for Renting a Photo Booth

At Right Choice Entertainment, we think photo booths are so much fun and that every host should consider having this special addition in their event. We are always committed to helping you find a quality photo booth rental for your celebration. One of the questions we get asked most is about what to look for when renting a photo booth in Toronto. Just by knowing what to look for in a photo booth rental Toronto, you can save yourself some headache and disappointment.

Here’s are a few tips to help you find a photo booth rental that fits your needs.

1. What kind of camera is used in the photo booth?

Photo booths are designed to use different cameras but make sure it’s nothing other than DSLR. Popular camera brands like Nikon and Cannon offer the best print quality and photo taking experience. Our photo booths at Right Choice Entertainment offer portrait studio quality photos. The last thing you want is to give your guests pixelated pictures at your celebration.

2. How long will users wait for the photos to be printed

Photo booths that have the most up to date technology can print high-quality photos within less than 15 seconds. A lot will be going on at the event and your guests probably don’t want to spend their time waiting for the photos to come out. The length of time it will take for the photos to come out will all depend on the type of printer that’s being used.

3. What’s the cost of the photo booth rental

There are hidden fees that you could be subject to when renting a photo booth. You may have to pay for add-ons, mileage and, even taxes which were not included in the initial quote. Save yourself the unpleasant surprises by finding out what the actual cost of renting the photo booth is. Ask them to send you a contract or invoice before you make any payments.

4. Can I see a picture of the photo booth?

It’s really important to see what the photo booth looks like. Look through their website for pictures of the photo booths they have for rent. If you can’t find multiple pictures of the same photo booth that you’re interested in, reach out to the rental company and ask to see more. Avoid the disappointment of getting a startup guy who put something together in his garage and called it a photo booth just to make some quick cash.

5. The print quality

This is one important consideration, which you have to place as a top priority. Guests will only want to take home a quality print. Make sure you get to see an actual print from the photo booth or read reviews of customers who’ve used it before just to be sure that it meets your expectations.

6. How much space will the photo booth occupy

Space is an important consideration because it will affect the user’s comfort and ultimately their experience when using the photo booth. While you don’t want a photo booth that occupies too much space at your event, you need a booth with just enough room for people to strike a pose. You also need to figure out where the photo booth will be set up. You don’t want guests to walk out of the event just to take photos.

7. Does it have digital sharing options

Most photo booth rentals today have both print and digital sharing options. Although many people may want to download a soft copy of their photo and take it home, others want to share it right away on their social platforms. The photo booth should provide this option too. If people can share on their social media pages, it’s a fun way to keep the conversation going outside the event. This is especially important for corporate events where you’re looking for free PR from your guests.

8. Does it have any unique features?

Perhaps you want a photo booth rental that looks weird or unusual to complement the theme of your event. Whatever your needs are, it’s always a good idea to ask if the photo booth has unique features which can complement the celebration. Some photo booths even have green screen technology, which takes the photo session up a notch. Some can even produce gifs, which your guests can share with their friends on social platforms. Also, consider a photo booth that has an easy to use interface. Some photo booth rentals have a touch screen, which the guests can use to customize their photo with a message and an emoji.

9. What kinds of props are offered?

Props have a way of making the photo booth experience a lot more fun. Props can be anything from exciting backdrops to costumes and high tech visuals. They have a way of enhancing the photo clicking experience making it super fun and exciting. Ask the rental company if they can provide some exciting props that your guests will love. Ensure the props are suitable for the type of event and guests who will be using the photo booth.

10. Consider the needs of your guests

Remember, your guests’ needs will ultimately determine the best photo booth to hire. Think of how your guests might like to get their pictures done. If you are aware of your guests’ personal preferences, it helps you to select a photo booth rental company that can offer specialized services. Consider factors such as their age, type of event and how much time they’ll be at the party when making a decision.

As you shop around different photo booth rentals in Toronto, be cautious and hire a company that you can trust to maximize the experience of your guests in the best way possible. If you need a reliable photo booth rental company in Toronto, feel free to reach out to Right Choice Entertainment. We’ll go over all your needs and requirements and help you decide on the best photo booth available for your celebration.

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