With winter around the corner what are some great kids party ideas for this time of year?

Planning a winter party can be so much stress. But it doesn’t have to be. While kids’ birthdays during this time of the year may not come with multiple outdoor activities to choose from such as the playgrounds, parks and pools, there are still some creative ways to plan a cool winter party. The important thing is for the kids to have fun. Choose activities that your kids love even if it means bringing the outdoors inside.

An ice skating theme

Throw the coolest party in town during the coldest season by choosing this fun-filled party theme. With an ice skating theme, you don’t have to actually go out ice skating and worry about sliding or slipping on ice. Save the embarrassment for later. This is a theme you can pull off with no ice skates. Simply use decorations to bring out the theme to life. You can have some skating goodies in a station and paper skates as well. Kids usually enjoy such kind of stuff. Kids can get busy crafting their own paper skates. You can have some party favors as well that complement the theme. For instance, you can get some cute mittens for the kids to carry home. Think of stylish and practical party favors for the kids at this time of the year.

Penguin Party theme

Penguins are an excellent choice for a winter party theme. You can make cute treats in the shape of a penguin. This can be as simple as some cupcakes with penguin toppers. Play around with the colors in order to bring out a fun and bright environment. You can even include the penguins in your invitations and ask the rest of the kids to dress in a way that complements the theme. Decorate the venue with some penguin balloons. You can buy them or make DIYs and even allow the kids to go home with one of them. Think outside the box when organizing a penguin themed party. Don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colors. If you’re not sure how to pull this off, look for ideas online. You may also get party vendors who are willing to help you bring it all together.

The sleepover parties

Would you consider throwing the classic slumber party for your kids this winter? Most parents wouldn’t think twice about a sleepover party simply because they don’t want to get exhausted after dealing with too many kids. To avoid the stress of dealing with kids, keep the guest list as low as you can. We would recommend under 5 kids. This is actually a great way to save if you don’t have a lot of cash to throw a huge party for your child. After all, most kids love the idea of having their friends come for a sleepover. You can let the kids play and have dinner together then do something special before they go to bed. You can either watch a movie or make some handmade decorations. There’s plenty to love about sleepover parties during the cold season. Small parties are less involving plus you get to save on items like the party favors and food.

Import low cost entertainment

When it’s cold and you don’t feel like going out for some outdoor fun, one great idea would be to bring in some low-cost entertainment. This is actually one of the easiest ways to save money and still throw a fantastic birthday party for your child. You can look for adult entertainers who are well trained and certified to perform in kids’ parties. We can keep kids of all ages well entertained so you don’t have to worry about what they’ll do next. Structured activities really work well for kids’ parties because they often don’t know what to do when they’re idle. Remember you can’t expect kids to stay indoors and chat all day long without getting bored. Performers allow you to keep all the kids involved in any activity that is currently taking place. What’s even more is that it doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker. We can provide performers who suit your budget and needs.

Cooking parties

Why not throw a cooking party for your child’s winter birthday? Cooking parties can be really fun for kids. The trick is to make the activity as hands-on as possible. Kids love fooling around with certain recipes especially if they involve cheese, chocolates and cupcakes. It’s a great way to offer fun and an opportunity for kids to learn how to make their own food. Use it as an opportunity to also introduce healthy ingredients to the kids. Since kids love pizzas, think of making unique and colorful toppings which are healthy alternatives to what they’re used to eating. They can also make chicken nuggets and participate in stirring their own dipping sauces. If you choose to make cupcakes, kids would love to decorate them. To make this work out well for you, plan in advance and set up stations with all the ingredients that the kids will need. Avoid kitchen tools that may be unsafe for kids and ensure the cooking space is clear of clutter.

Handmade-crafts party

How about making unique crafts such as bracelets with the kids? The best part about giving kids an opportunity to make crafts is that they’ll learn something new. You can even help the kids to design friendship bracelets to give their friends. Ensure the items you buy which will be used to make different crafts are safe for kids of all ages. If you’ll be having toddlers at the party, it may not be a good idea to have small items that they can easily swallow and choke on. Remember safety is key when dealing with kids.

There are so many unique ideas on winter parties for kids. Try out any of the above and don’t forget to hire our reliable performers if you want your kids to stay entertained throughout the party.


Why Choose Right Choice Children's Entertainment?

Planning a child’s party can be so stressful. You have to decide on the child’s costume then the right theme and send out invitations right on time. Then comes the headache of choosing the right venue and making sure the food is just perfect for the little ones. If you’re finding it difficult to narrow down your entertainment options, we’re here to save you time and assure you great value for money.

At Right Choice Children’s Entertainment, we always strive to go the extra mile when hired to help in kid’s parties. You can always be assured of 100% satisfaction when you go with any of our entertainers. We love working with kids and seeing happy faces all day long. It’s our goal to make every party better than our previous one.

Passionate and dedicated entertainers

At Right Choice Children’s Entertainment, you can be rest assured that your kids will have so much fun with professionals who love what they do. If we combine our passion working with kids to the extensive skill and experience we have in the entertainment industry, we can promise you’ll never be disappointed. Our entertainers are friendly and accommodative. We know that kids love to ask questions and figure out how everything works. We’ll offer you the best environment for your kids to enjoy and learn as they get entertained throughout the party.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Do you have specific details on how you want the entertainment session in your party to be conducted? Do you need help or advice on how to set up entertainment for a child’s party? We can help. We offer a wide range of entertainment options to suit every need and budget. Whether you simply want to have a single performer who will show up and leave before the party ends or you need to set up booths for different performers to entertain your guests throughout the event, we’re here for you. We’ve done entertainment for numerous parties and we know what would work depending on your needs and budget. In every service we provide, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction. There’s really no task that’s too hard for us to handle. Our joy is to see the kids smiling throughout as we continue to do our thing.

We use top of the line equipment

You can’t provide the best entertainment at a party without having the right equipment. At Right Choice Children’s Entertainment, our performers use state of the art equipment to take entertainment to a whole new level. We’ve invested in the best equipment because we know it ensures our clients enjoy the activities and get superior quality. Our keen interest in using top of the line equipment is to also guarantee our clients safety. While you may assume that using the cheapest products for activities like face painting may have no effect, we take measures to ensure your kids are safe during and after the party. We perform regular maintenance and servicing of our entertainment systems to ensure they are in good working order for the next party.

Certified and trained performers

Right Choice Children’s Entertainment has licensed and trained performers. Not only do we have experience in what we do but the skill to do it right. We have been hired to perform in numerous parties all over the city and abroad. We know that keeping any audience entertained, especially kids can be a tough job. This isn’t the role you should give to one of the favorite uncles or grandparent. Without the passion and skill to entertain kids, one feels tired and overwhelmed. Our performers can go on and on for hours without losing their energy and focus. We’ll keep the kids entertained for as long as you want. Having done this for many years, we have all it takes to ensure our clients are satisfied. We are grateful to all our customers who have believed in us.

Get the most value for money

Have you ever hired an entertainer only to feel like they didn’t offer good value for your money? This is never the case when you hire Right Choice Children’s Entertainment. No matter how much you spend on an entertainer, we make it our business to give you value for your money. Every detail that is included in your contract will be fulfilled. We arrive at the party venue right on time and set up just before the kids arrive. We conduct ourselves with a high level of professionalism. Our performers are friendly and absolutely love what they do. Expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

Massive experience in entertainment industry

Parties can have unique challenges that newbie performers may never know how to address. At Right Choice Children’s Entertainment, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry. Our performers know how to deal with kids of all ages. Depending on your guest list, we can recommend the best performer for your child’s party. We help parents make tough decisions by narrowing down the entertainment options based on what is practical and suits their budget and needs. We’ve been to numerous parties and we can safely say we know the children’s entertainment industry really well. With our performers, you are always assured of an experienced and professional service.

Get the best prices in town

Children’s parties can be expensive. We understand this and that’s why we offer the best prices for entertainment in town. Whatever your budget is, we are able to provide you with an entertainer who will give you the most value for your money. We work for small and large parties helping to fulfill the young ones’ dreams. If your kid really wants to have the best entertainer in town at a pocket friendly rate, get in touch with us today to discover your options. Even with our cost-effective entrainment rates, you are always guaranteed a top-notch service. Just drop us a line and we’ll figure out what works for your budget.


The Benefits of Hiring Kids Entertainment for Your Kids Party

Are you planning to hold your kid’s birthday party? Coming up with some fun-filled games and activities that will keep the kids entertained is key to throwing a memorable party. No child enjoys standing around or chatting with a friend or family member for hours in a party. If you don’t provide some form of entertainment, kids will easily get bored and want to leave the party before the cake is even served.

When thinking of entertainment, consider activities that are simple, well-organized and safe for all kids. For instance, when you hire an entertainer, the kids can enjoy some cool tricks during the party. The entertainer should be able to change up things a little in order to capture the kids’ attention for longer. Remember that kids get bored really fast so you need to think of creative ways to get them entertained. Still wondering whether you need entertainment for a kid’s party? Here are some valid reasons to hire a qualified entertainer for kids’ parties.

Keep boredom at bay

With entertainment for the kids, parents can enjoy bonding with each other uninterrupted. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of bored kids in a party. They’ll find things to do and their safety may be at risk. Entertainers know how to run a smooth party that all kids will enjoy. They have massive experience dealing with toddlers and they know how to make each one of them feel entertained. Choosing the right entertainment is one way to be sure all the kids will have an unforgettable and fantastic day.

Ensure no one is left out

When you don’t have structured activities for the kids in a party, you may realize that some feel left out when they hang out in groups. Entertainment is one of the ways to keep all the kids involved. With just the right entertainers, you can be assured that you’ll have happy faces all around. The entertainers usually know how to spot a child that is bored or feeling left out and brighten them up. It’s an excellent way to ensure that as many, if not all the kids at the party enjoy their time.

Reduce the stress of party hosting

When you have entertainment at a party, there’s no pressure to be the perfect host. Most of these entertainers carry a wealth of experience in what they do so they know how to keep adults and kids involved. Party planning can have its ups and downs so you don’t want the pressure of having to entertain guests when they come in. The only thing you may have to do is to hand out the food at lunch or give guests their coats on their way out. Leave the entertainment to the experts if you want to have peace of mind before, during and after the party.

Throw a memorable party

Kids want the best entertainment at their parties because it’s what their friends will talk about most. A face painting artist can help create good memories for your child’s party. It’s something your child and their friends will treasure forever. When choosing an entertainer, make sure you know the activities that your child loves the most. If you have a theme for the party, choose an entertainer who will help to complement the theme. There’s nothing like having a talented and fun entertainer that kids look up to for a laugh. In fact, entertainers can quickly transform the atmosphere in a simple party and make it a memorable day. Choose entertainers who are passionate and love working with kids.

Make your child feel special

If your child loves art, having a face painting artist at his/her party is one easy way to make them feel special. Getting a variety of games and activities that your kids will enjoy will certainly make them feel like the event was all about them. Sometimes adult throw kids’ parties but don’t do anything for the little ones. Hiring an entertainer or choosing kid-friendly games will certainly make a difference. Furthermore, during parties the parents are usually so engrossed with the tasks and visitors coming in that they have little time to dedicate to the kids. This can leave the child not feeling special. However, when you have kids entertainment, you have experts who are hired to focus on your child even when you’re swept away with the guests, serving food or running a few errands. You don’t have to put yourself through the worry that your child will feel neglected.

Save time and money

Sometimes having entertainment for the kids can save you time and money. Look at it this way, if you wanted to throw a party and you have no idea where to look for decorations or party props which the kids can use to play games, you can decide to hire an entertainer who will come with all the required items. You don’t have to focus too much on the entertainment bit and this saves you time. Additionally, having an entertainer to come to your party venue is a lot cheaper than taking all the kids to different spots so that they can enjoy the same activities. It allows you to bring the whole party together in a cheap and easy way. All you have to think about is the venue, invites, food and your child’s costume. The rest can be catered for by the entertainers.

With that said, you know you definitely need to hire an entertainer for your child’s big party. Doing this will save you the hassle of dealing with bored kids and give you the most value for your money. Don’t be in a rush and hire an entertainer who is not qualified. We help you narrow down your search for the best entertainers at Right Choice Children’s Entertainment. From face painting artists to kid friendly comedians who incorporate your theme of choice, choose entertainment that’s perfect for your kid’s party.

Checklist of Things to Include in Your Child's Party

Checklist of Things to Include in Your Child's Party

One thing you have to do to simplify the process is to start early. You don’t want to rush last minute and end up with unreliable vendors or missing important aspects of the party. A good place to start would be to come up with a list of things you probably need to do before the party. We’ve come up with a simple checklist of things that you probably want to include in your child’s party.

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