Checklist of Things to Include in Your Child’s Party

If there’s one thing that most kids look forward to, it’s throwing a cool birthday party where they get to invite all their friends. Parents on the other hand usually have the toughest job when it comes to planning and budgeting for their child’s party.

One thing you have to do to simplify the process is to start early. You don’t want to rush last minute and end up with unreliable vendors or missing important aspects of the party. A good place to start would be to come up with a list of things you probably need to do before the party. We’ve come up with a simple checklist of things that you probably want to include in your child’s party.

1.    Choose A Party Theme

You may decide to go with a particular theme for the party. Just make sure the theme is about something that your child likes. It could be your child’s favorite game or book. Choose a niche interest that your child loves. Most importantly, choose something that the kids will enjoy.

2.    Send Invitations Early

You can choose to design unique party invitations that go along with your theme. Whatever theme you choose, the invitations should echo a particular color and décor. Include the important information in the invitations such as the party venue, whether parents are allowed to stay with their kids and ask them to RSVP. Remember you don’t have to send each invitation by hand. You can always send digital invitations and it will still work incredibly well.

3.    Choose The Right Venue

Finding the right venue for your kid’s party is critical. Think of the important factors such as the number of guests you intend to have as well as the activities and entertainment preferences. You will need to find a venue as early as possible so that you can provide all the details on the invitation. For instance, you may want the parents to simply drop off the kids and pick them up after the party. If you choose a space that is too crowded, kids tend to get bored since they don’t have much space to play around. Think about issues like potential hazards if you’ll be inviting toddlers. The kid’s safety is paramount.

4.    Come Up With A List Of Activities

There’s no harm in giving kids structured activities during a party. This may not work for adult parties but it’s a great idea when hosting kids. Remember kids don’t want to stand around all day chatting for hours. They need to engage in some simple activities that will prevent them from getting bored. You can change the game often so that the kids don’t get bored.

5.    Book Entertainers

Having appropriate entertainment during a child’s birthday is important. You can choose to have a stand where kids can enjoy face painting or hire a professional comedian who specializes in kids’ comedy to keep the kids entertained. Think about what kids in your child’s age group would enjoy most. Just make sure you have some form of entertainment to keep kids busy during the party. As soon as you decide, make bookings early so you don’t miss a good entertainer at the party.

6.    Prepare Kid-Friendly Party Food

While you want to include foods that kids generally love such as chips, sodas and pizzas, you should make a point of preparing healthy alternatives. If you will be throwing a party that will go on for more than an hour, try and serve substantial food items so that the kids don’t feel hungry even before you cut the cake. You can put some healthy snacks for adults as well since they are most likely to stick around.

7.    Settle Or A Cool Birthday Cake

If you have a theme, choosing a birthday cake will be simple because you’ll want to incorporate the theme as much as possible. Just make sure you place an order for the cake early enough. Start shopping around for reliable cake vendors in your area. When choosing the cake flavor, allow your child to pick whatever she/he likes. If the party will be attended by mainly smaller children, make sure you have the basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla and avoid too much icing.

8.    Cool Games For Kids

Make sure you do your research and select a host of fun filled games that the kids will love. You can even include some special surprises or gifts that the kids will win after playing certain games. Make the games more interactive so that they can all learn to play with each other and make new friends. Go for mass games where the kids can play with all their friends and family. You can also select some smaller activities where kids pair up or friendly competitions.

9.    Choose Decorations

Kids love bright and colorful decorations. They tend to make the venue lively and fun. You can even include some party props and goodie bags depending on your theme if you choose to go with one. You don’t have to spend much on decorations. You can even have an activity with your child where they come up with some handcrafted decorations for the party.

10.  Make It Memorable

For many parents, birthday parties are not just done for the fun of it. It’s always important to make the party meaningful in one way or the other. You can include funny and heart-warming moments during the party as a way of entertaining the guests and also share fond memories about the child. Just don’t make the speeches too long and boring. You can even have a slideshow of photos that show how the child has grown over the years. Anything to make the party a bit more sentimental.

With this in mind, you should be well on your way to plan a cool party that your child will live to remember. Bear in mind that the most important thing is for your kids to have fun with their friends and family.

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