Hiring a Reliable and Friendly Face Painter

Over the years, face painting has gained immense popularity. As a result, there are more face painting products available and a lot of face painters to choose from. Today one of the best ways of adding life to an event or party is by hiring a face painter. Adults love face painting too. You can hire a face painter for a corporate event to add a memorable experience. Even so, the hardest part is obviously the step of choosing a face painter.

With so many face painters already flocking the industry, it can be confusing and even hard to choose the best face painter for the job. The good news is there are a few guidelines you can follow to help decide on the best face painter for your event. Here are some of the most important things you should do.

Your budget

You definitely have a rough idea of the budget for your upcoming event but how much does a face painter cost and what will you be getting? If you plan on using a professional face painter that uses FDA approved non-toxic materials and one who is insured, and has all the credentials in place, you should have a reasonable budget for it and make your booking early. Yes, you can negotiate based on the nature of your event but it is always good to have extra money set aside for face painting in order to avoid surprises.

The quote from a face painter generally depends on the distance to your venue from the face painter’s offices, day of the week and the number of guests that have to be face painted. Rarely do face painters charge by the hour.

We always charge per hour.


Average speed

Another important consideration you need to make is how fast the face painter works. On average, a face painter will cover 10 faces per hour. With this number in mind, you need to consider how many face painters you will need to complete the number at your party on time. Some agencies will send multiple qualified face painters who are able to complete 50 faces per hour. Prior to hiring a face painter, it is always good to ask about the number of face painters that will be available for your party.

Check the paperwork

While face painting seems simple, it is a very risky business. This is more so when working in close quarters with kids and putting products on their skin. It is paramount that face painters minimize the risk of hazards. The best way of doing this is by making sure the face painter is legit. A legit face painter will carry liability insurance, have an educational background in fine arts and have years of experience in face painting. That way you can be guaranteed of eliminating guesswork which is the root cause of problems in face painting. You also need to make sure the face painters use top-quality equipment with FDA approved non-toxic materials that can be washed off with warm water and soap. and you can write about how it's important that the paints are cleaned in alcohol after each event to reduce any germs being spread. Our paint and brushes are cleaned in alcohol after each event to reduce any germs being spread.

Ask around

The mistake most people make when hiring a face painter is that of taking their word for it. You need to talk to family and friends and inquire about the face painter. What do they know about the company the face painter is coming from? Online reviews and testimonials will also give insight into the face painter.

Hire locally

One thing you need to remember when using the Internet to find a face painter is that the results you get are not always local to you. This is why prior to hiring you need to confirm the location of the face painter. You can check for this information on their website or simply ask them. The reason this is important is because the further away a face painter is coming from, the more expensive it will be to work with them. A face painter coming from far will also result in a waste of time and may disrupt your event. Hire someone that is closest to where the event will be.

Make note of your needs

It is always a great idea to make note of all your face painting needs and preferences before hiring a face painter. With your list in hand, you can ask the face painter if they can deliver. Taking a look at the face painter’s photo gallery of previous projects will give you some idea of what they can do. Established face painters offer up to 50 or more different designs for you to choose from. The designs range from butterflies and superheroes to princesses and animals.

Reliable and Friendly Face Painter


What will the face painter need from you?

This is a vital question you need to ask a face painter. A professional face painter will bring their own chairs and tables if you don’t have any available. Make a list of all the things the face painter will require from you and make sure the list is acceptable.

Settings of your event

If the event or party will be outdoors you should let the face painter know. The weather can get chilly and sitting outside without proper clothing can be uncomfortable for the face painter.

Don’t force the face painter to work longer than booked

Face painters have their own families to go back to so don’t force them to work longer than you had booked them for. Provided they arrive on time and finish their job allow them to leave when it is time. This is unless the painter agrees to stay longer.

Whether you are planning a children’s birthday party, a picnic, baby shower or wedding or any other event, hiring a face painter can liven up your event or party. Face painting and fun tend to go hand in hand. All you have to do is find reliable face painters in your area and designate a suitable spot for them to work. The aforementioned guidelines will definitely help you get started on the right path in your search for a reliable face painter. Only hire someone you feel comfortable working with.


6 Essential Questions to Ask a Face Painter

Over the last couple of years, face painting at children parties in Toronto has become a common trend. Gone are the times of check-designs created using a cheap store craft paint. Nowadays, artists use cosmetic-grade paints and other related materials. They also create excellent designs that go viral, and that can keep all the little angels attending your child’s birthday party excited.

However, not all artists are created the same, and the quality of artwork depends on the experience and dedication of the face painter. When hiring an artist for your child’s event, there are essential questions you should ask to determine the experience and reliability of the face painter.


1. What type of paint do you use?

This is a 'trick question' and should help you know the nature and standard of the paint the painter uses. Make sure that your prospects use a cosmetic-grade paint that has been approved by the relevant authorities. The paint should be hypoallergenic and safe for children. Avoid artists who use acrylic paint, craft paint, and other weird products that are not specially designed for a child’s skin.


2. What’s your level of sanitation?

In most cases, the sanitation of face paint is unregulated, and that’s quite scary. Fortunately, the highest standards set in Canada (Alberta) require face painters to sanitize their paint brushes between dips and use a new sponge for each kid. If you realize your prospect doesn’t use a makeup sanitizer or uses a single sponge for multiple kids, it’s time to get a more reliable face painter.


3. Are you insured?

Accidents happen everywhere, and your child’s event venue isn’t an exception. A professional face painter must be insured against different accidents. Whether you are holding a small birthday party at your home or you have organized a large children event in Toronto, consider working with an insured artist.


4. Do you perform background checks?

If you have opted to hire an artist from an agency, find out if the company performs background checks on their candidates. Most agencies don’t. The last thing you want is to invite a wanted criminal to your child’s event.


5. Can I see reviews from your previous clients?

One of the most effective ways of getting to know a company’s reputation is by checking the reviews written by their previous customers. Find out what these customers liked or disliked about the service offered. If you encounter an artist or agency that doesn’t want to share their customer reviews, think twice before hiring them.


6. How should the children take the face paint off after the party?

The paint used should be easier to remove. After all, different paint brands are removed differently, and some are easier to wash off than others. A professional face painter should walk you through the paint removal and clean-up procedure.

Hiring the right face painter for your children party can mean the difference between a great party and a boring or messy one. By asking the questions discussed here, you can easily identify a great artist for your child’s next event.


Choosing the Right Face Painter for your Kids’ Party

Have you been thinking of ways to make your child’s event more exciting? Consider hiring one or more face painters. Face painting offers a new dimension to children’s parties and allows you to create a unique party your little angels and their friends won’t forget easily.

Face painters are basically skilled artists who specialize in the art of painting kids’ faces during parties and other similar events. A professional painter must undertake a particular training and must satisfy all the law requirements to practice their craft when working. Also, the expert can specialize in different types of party themes. They can excellently paint cute cartoon faces, superhero character faces, animal faces, pretty girly designs, and more.

The best part of face painting is that children are allowed to choose the art they want. A great artist will always respect the kids’ choices and paint exactly what they ask within a short time.


Understand why children love face painting

There are many reasons your kid will want to have a professional face painter during their parties. These include:

Colourful: Kids love colourful surroundings, and this is the primary reason most kids’ parties showcase a splash of varying colours in terms of food and decorations. It’s also the reason face painting has become a common activity in most children parties held in Toronto.

Artsy: Though some people may disagree, children have a penchant for artistic things. They prefer bright colours and tend to be very open when it comes to appreciating different exciting designs.

Magical: Most kids have great imaginations. Face painting enables them to 'become' a character they adore. This character could be their favourite heroes such as fairly princess, Superman, Batman, and other great characters.

You can incorporate face painting into your children’s entertainment plan. They can choose the designs and characters that impress them.


The kids’ safety should always be a priority

One of the main concerns for a parent regarding face drawing party activity is the safety of their children and the nature of the materials being used. Consider hiring an artist who uses only regulated painting products. These products should be as safe as the kids’ skin products that you can find in an upscale cosmetic counter or a supermarket.

The artist should also demonstrate that they use high-quality and thoroughly-cleaned painting materials. They should also take the right precautions when painting the children. It’s equally important for you, the parent, and your child to understand that you should remove the face paint once the party is over and should know how to do this correctly.


Interview several artists

Always feel free to call a few reputable face painters and interview them. Ask them to show you photographs of their previous work. Find out how long they have been serving children parties, the nature of the parties they served, and the number of years they have been in business. Remember, hiring a skilled and experienced face painter will make your kids’ party more exciting.


Face Painting Makes Children Events Special

Princess Party TorontoIf you thought face painting is just a waste of time and other resources, you are wrong. To children, it is a chance to become their favourite character: a princess, animal, or even Superman. Face painting offers them an opportunity to express themselves, showcase their creativity openly, and role-play their favourite character.

Most kids choose what they need painted on their faces and sit so still awaiting the transformation. Sometimes, they specify colours, designs, and enjoy the drawing process. For some kids, the face painting session is a great moment to chill during a busy party.


Don’t ignore fun painting

It is extremely difficult to keep a group of 10 to 20 playful little ones entertained for several hours in the afternoon. However, if you did your homework and hired a professional face painter in Toronto, you don’t have to worry.

Children love having their faces painted in unique ways. Anything from a simple design on the cheek during a birthday party to a full facial paint for kids’ festivals, is a lot of fun. When there is a group of children at a small get-together, it’s advisable to have a face painting professional to do a few designs on the kid’s faces or cheeks. If you have organized a bigger event such as a birthday party, a family reunion, or a community picnic, you can consider hiring several face painters to keep the kids entertained.


Don’t limit designs

Whether or not you are hiring an artist don’t limit the number of painting designs on offer. Professional face painters can jump from creating a great butterfly to a flawless monkey. That means all the kids can get all the designs they want.

Make sure that the artists understand different face painting designs. After all, there is nothing worse than sitting an expectant little angel on the chair only for him to ask for Jake the Human or Finn The Dog, something the artist has no idea about.


Join the fun

Perhaps you may not realize that these kids are going to look to you for entertainment guidance during the party. Well, it’s easy to feel unappreciated or underappreciated after baking an excellent cake, hiring the best face painting artists, and offering the kids exciting entertainment options. But you must understand that you did a great job and join in the fun.

If your little guests can run wild around your home or any other preferred venue without fear, consider giving yourself a great pat on the back by getting your face painted and join the dancing, cheering, and anything else these little ones are doing. You threw a super party and so, you should join the fun. As long as all the children are well-supervised and safe, there is no need to be hard on yourself.

According to most professional event organizers in Toronto, face painting is an excellent way of spicing up your kids’ event. Consider working with reputable artists to offer great entertainment.


The Importance of Face Painting Hygiene

Over the recent years, the art of face painting has shifted from being just a fun, informal activity for kids' parties and events into a highly formalized art style with specialized paints, techniques, brushes, and other relevant pieces of equipment. Both amateur and professional face painters understand the importance of hygiene, mainly when handling many kids in one day.

While some artists don’t mind the messy look and using the same sponge on several kids, others like to stay clean and adhere to all the set standards. Hygiene in face painting begins with a clean and neat space. All brushes and other tools used in the painting process should be sanitized regularly and one sponge used per child (when necessary). Besides, the artists should wash their hands and sanitize them before handling the next child. Here is why hygiene is essential during face painting in a children event.


Health concerns

Cleanliness of the materials used in the face painting process should not be ignored. These materials include brushes that are used repeatedly from kid to kid. Besides, the safety of the paint used should be verified. The paint should be allergy-free and properly used in terms of application to different kids. This is because dirty painting tools and other malpractices might result in an allergic reaction or even direct injuries associated with contact with unsafe sponges and brushes.

These are some of the common risks associated with face painting, but some artists often ignore them. That means you must be on the alert for such issues if you want the children to have great entertainment and a memorable event. It’s also of utmost importance that your preferred face painter undergoes relevant training.

Often, these professionals are parents and volunteers who organize children festivals and other similar events. Unless someone is trained in handling kids' faces properly, mistakes are bound to happen, and some of them may change your child’s life negatively. For instance, think about an amateur face painter using a substandard paintbrush who accidentally injures a child’s eye during the painting process.



Note that kids’ events attract children from different places. Unless the face painter is careful and upholds higher standards of hygiene and work ethics, cross-contamination is possible. Think of an artist who uses one sponge for about ten kids and doesn’t clean the brushes before serving the next kid. Then think about all the childhood diseases such as cold sores, chicken pox, colds, and more.

A professional face painter should use a new sponge for each child and sterilize every painting tool they use before handling the next client. It’s also advisable to check each child before painting their face. If, for instance, a child has eczema, it’s safe to paint a unique design on his or her hand to avoid irritation to the skin and annoying the child.

Gentle baby wipes to clean off chocolate and ice cream are good before painting. The artwork will be clean and probably last till the end of the event.


Top 8 Creative Face Painting for Kids during Parties

In Toronto, face painting has always been a major hit with children. Having their faces painted cartoon characters or superheroes is not something they want to miss. However, the thought of coming up with creative face painting ideas for these little ones probably makes you sweat. You don’t need to become a Picasso to transform the kids’ faces into clowns, superheroes or princesses. A professional face painter can offer this form of entertainment as you focus on other important aspects of your kids’ event.

Some of the most creative options when it comes to painting kids’ faces include:


1. Butterfly face painting

This is a popular face-transforming idea for any event. The artist can customize the child’s face by using his or her preferred colours. The style is pretty simple; the artist needs a sponge on the butterfly’s coloured wings roughly, then create great butterfly design.


2. Spiderman face painting

Allow your little heroes to make a significant impact during the party with an easy spiderman design. Most boys love this 'superhero' seen in most popular movies.


3. Tiger face painting

Tiger is one of the most popular face painting options for kids at parties, fairs, and other related events. There are different tiger face painting options the kids can choose from depending on their favourite colours.


4. Snowflakes and frozen face painting

If some of the kids who want their faces painted are less than seven years old, remind your preferred face painter to stock a lot of white and blue face paint, along with a lot of glitters. Most kids love these colours and giving them exactly what they need will make them happy.


5. Camo soldier

This painting option offers the artist an opportunity to transform 'recruits' into great 'combat soldiers'. Hire a professional who can create excellent 'camo soldier' face designs during the children’s event for entertainment.


6. Flowers

It’s a simple yet stunning face transformation option for your little princesses. After all, girls love flowers, and the chances are that they want to see them painted on their faces. Different girls are likely to request varying flower paint options, and your face painter should be ready to meet these requirements.

  1. The frog prince (and princess)

With black, white, yellow and green the artist can easily paint the prince's face on the little boys. They’ll need a pink for the princess face on the little girls.


8. Pirates Ahoy

Argh me hearties, it’s time to unleash a great face painting treasure chest with an outstanding pirate design. Even if the kids don’t have a bandana, they can have it painted. The entire party will be a pirate’s great life for most of the kids attending the party.

Regardless of the face painting design your kids want, getting an experienced face painter can mean the difference between a great party for your kids and a boring one.

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